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a hipster who "ironically" tries to be a rapper.
"Kreayshawn raps because its not "mainstream" in the hipster world
by jiggajiggabojangles July 15, 2011
A horrible female "rapper" who sings the 1 it wonder song Gucci Gucci. She is a part of the White Girl Mob with Lil Debbie and V-Nasty.
Girl 1-Hey! Did you hear Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn

Girl2-Yea! OMG it was HORRIBLE!

Girl 1-I know right.
by StarMar July 08, 2011
Kreayshawn is a female rapper from East Oakland, CA. She's also a music video director, kreative iconic, kronic smoker, film school & high school drop out. Soon to be bigggg. B.I.G Big.
Kreayshawn's got the swag, it's pumping out her ovaries.
by guccigucci June 13, 2011
The greatest music artist of all time, most famous for Gucci Gucci, the greatest song ever written.
Damn dude, do you have any good, different music?
Have you listened to Kreayshawn? Try Gucci Gucci.
by YOURnuggetMOM June 22, 2011