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Dumbass/prick/self-conceited &/or all of the above in the usual sense of the term tool: Used to describe someone stupid/arrogant or just someone with a fetish for kissing ass/suking off someone's ego...

Btw French kissing it is fine only if it's a vag, and ONLY if you're participating/engaged in a consented on all accounts sexual act. OOOOO-KAY all around for your typical pornstar or sex-slave.
class tools are all are literally just your basic run of the mill idiots that you would be forced to be in contact with; much to your golden years of discontent... & vice-versa for them. You would be in their general vicinity on the bus to school, class, college anytime not in class etc.
When you finally graduated & regardless if they did or not, you were living life to the fullest with people you love or yourself if you prefer. You have a prosperous career, will be very happy & won't die alone or not, depressed & worthless. Everything else in between that's not beneficial to any intelligent individual happened to the Class-Tools. They all end up mostly living on streets begging for money/jobs/death. Some of them even probably lived lives as brutally tortured and poorly payed sex-slaves to pro-pornstars till the very end of their insignificant collective existence.
by Sex-Slavematron J64290 February 17, 2014
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