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One of the realest cities in Tennessee, Not far from Nashville & It's about to overtake Chattanooga in population.
Person 1: Yo, You going to clarksvegas (Clarksville) tonight?
Person 2: Hell Yea, Sallee's is gonna be poppin tonight!
by Wessly August 27, 2006
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A little rural town in Tennessee, right outside of Ft. Campbell U.S. Army Post. It also borders Oak Grove, Kentucky. Right up against the state line. Small town of mostly Army Soldiers and college students from APSU (Austin Peay State University). The 2 groups do not mix by the way. The only diversity of the town is the Soldiers who happen to not be Caucasian.
The Clarksville Police Department is mostly made up of people who were kicked out of the Army and did not wish to go home.
by Sunny D1990 February 17, 2013
A little town in Arkansas between Hartman & Lamar.
Ya'll goin to Clarksville?
by devlgurl March 16, 2009

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