Gaming parlance for the female equivalent of a t-bagging.

Placing one's genitals in another face for the purposes of mocking.
She cant t-bag him, she's got no balls...that's a Clam Slam!
by Dreshuk June 12, 2012
Picking a Female up by her vagina and brutally slamming her into the ground. Also known as a pussy piledriver.
Sam: Dude your friend was pissing me off, so i had to Clam Slam Her
Jake: Its okay man, Should of thrown a kettle at the bitch
by Motherphuck July 07, 2011
Surprise-thrusting a cunt into the face!
I'd just had a clean shave and shower and was ready to have a lovely night out when a bitch from the hood Clam Slammed my ass and I had to wash the slimey splatter off my face.
by Teddyx February 10, 2009
The female version of the "bag tag" when one person (usually female) hits another in the vagina.
"hey girl! what's up?"
(vagina hit)
"Clam Slam!!!"
by sircuzfreek June 02, 2009
The female version of being cock-blocked. Another party ruins, prevents or impedes the probability of getting laid through whining, forcing to leave, laying the guilt trip and/or expecting one to "be a good friend" and sleep alone.
Almost everyone was hooking up in Mexico, until Trisha pulled the clam slam on me when she wasn't getting any play herself.
by PaxyD November 25, 2008
What two lesbians do: Slam their clams together. Duh?!?
Isa and Jackie are all scissor legged upstairs doing a clam slam
by LiveinSocal April 23, 2008
A sexual act lesbians perform when they open their legs and bump their vaginas into one another.
There's nothing a dyke likes better than a good old fashioned clam slam.
by rcr October 12, 2003
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