the act of making a women squirt while also performing cunnilingus and catching the ejaculation in your mouth.
It was so hot when I was going down on her and got the full clamdigger flavor
by Tbone Soprano June 28, 2007
A. A noble person.
B. One who digs clams, often times out of a deep sand tomb.
C. A good nickname for a cool dude.
Example 1 -

Man that Clamdigger sure is cool!

Example 2 -
Person 1: Man I am sure at a loss of clams currently.
Person 2: Call up Clamdigger, he'll save the day!
by Steud May 16, 2010
Some define this word as shpants. For those who do, you're fully wrong. Clam-diggers are those horrible pants that just look liek they are about 6 inches too short for you. Clam-diggers do not flatter anyone. Purchase a "What not to wear" book to confirm that clam-diggers do not flatter. See the real definition for shpants defined by Claire
Wow, I have never seen someone look so horrible in pants that are too small. What are they called again? Oh yes, Clam-diggers. Let's go knock that person down, take their pants, and creamate them.
by Claire February 22, 2004
noun -a sex-obsessed, usually grody male who is always pursuing cunt.
Lady 1: Who's that greasy man wearing all that cologne?
Lady 2: Looks like another clam digger, Shirley.
by tuna y red July 02, 2009
Rug muncher
Carpet muncher
Taco troller
That one there!! In the red plaid shirt! She's a clam digger!
by Aunt/Aunteater January 03, 2004
Boys who like girls who like girls. Similar to "Fag Hag" for girls who like boys who like boys.
Joe is sure digging Tina. Doesn't he know she's a muff-muncher? He's such a clam digger.
by clamless August 14, 2006
an urban legend among cs players. though only a myth, many beleive the clamdiggers to be the ancient clan made up of the most 1337 players to ever hold a mouse. clamdigger Scoop and clamdigger Wedge were the leaders of the clan, and it is said that once they took cpl single-mousedly, taking every last player out with their golden knives
man, im doin so good today, if only clamdigger was here id pwn them (admin bans them out of respect for cs legend)
by annonamous April 14, 2003

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