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n. a derogatory synonymn for lesbian
She's a total clam diver, man. She loves to chow pussy.
by Big Dog March 28, 2003
A Fisherman who harvests underwater by hand-picking varied species in a discriminate and non-destructive way. Most countries with a coast have such communities, often they are misunderstood by other Fishermen and particularly by Bureaucrats. Actually the oldest and purest form of fishing.
The Clam diver told us he had seen a lot of damage to the seabed caused by dredging.
by davyclam July 10, 2008
-to perform oral sex on a women in a bathtub after she has shaved her vagina
1) Man I got the hots for this girl Julie at work, but she is a real clamdiver!
by pdaddy78 March 28, 2010
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