n. a small, cheap, economical means of transportation that, through an interesting twist of fate, has become incredibly popular with young people attempting to satisfy their youthful lust for speed. however, 9 times out of ten, the civic remains a small, cheap, economical means of transportation, except with approximately 30 thousand dollars worth of unusually shaped body pieces and enough performance equipment to keep up with actual sports cars (see camaro,trans am,mustang,m3,rx7,wrx, etc.
dood meh civic is soo small, cheap, and economical!!
by the vehicular aficionado February 27, 2004
A small Japanese econo car that resembles a shopping cart with its huge wing(cart handle) and sounds like a bunch of angry bees farting when it takes off. Frequently associated with the word rice instead of race and the word du instead of dude. Often heard blasting rap on its hi-powered stock stero with a bandpass sub box, and trying to burn out for more then 10 feet. Not worth the 15 grand that some poor bastard has dumped into it on top of what the bought it for.
"BWAPWAPWAPWAP FRRRRT" said one civic to the other. I got revlimiter and hella VTEC du! Hey du, got cigwette?
by Rob January 30, 2004
A car which will usually boast a 747 wing on the trunk for "downforce", despite the fact that it is front wheel drive.
take a look at my ricermobile with the neon orange body and 20 inch rims. its got 747 wings for downforce.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
Slang for a any small underpowered car that has a detrimental effect on traffic patterns due to the limitations of the vehicle.
see Chicken Chaser
There's two kind of cars: Those with eight or more cylinders and civics.
by JackieCollins October 19, 2007
Slow car, driver often heard bragging of his auto-x times at the strip, and his drag times at auto-x events. Often forget vtec was used in Honda minivans, mistaking it for a high performance modification.
Ricer: y0 daWg I can't beleev mah Mugen Civic Type GTS, Vtec juz lost to that Yugo, homie!

Friend: Maybe he gotz nawz y0.

Ricer: I'm gonnna getz me mo stickaz dawg.

Friend: Wurd.
by Stank May 15, 2003
Car driven by 99% of all Asians.
Watch out for that Honda Civic; an Asian is probably driving it.
by Juan April 14, 2005
it is not necessary Honda Civic but a compact car that its appearance is seriously jacked up with heavy body modification, no longer able to see the original frame. see also ricer.
A: hey! there is a flossing Skyline!
B: dude, that's a CIVIC.

A: yo! Check out new body kit for my Sentra.
B: it's very CIVIC dude!
by angster February 12, 2005
Small, compact, reliable economy car made by Honda. Too bad it's bombarded and riced up with wings and mufflers that probably only boost power to 200! Not that fast in my opinion. But on the other hand, many of us forget that some Civics can smoke muscle cars when tunes properly...

One good thing is Hot Import Night which no domestic manufacturer offers similarly... :-(
A Corvette can smoke a Civic anyday - lie. Only 95% of time can it do that...
by J September 28, 2004
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