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A person(mainly aimed at guys)who has trouble communicating with new people, the opposite sex, outgoing people, and those they find attractive. Can be an attractive trait of a female yet an appalling trait of a male. Often judged as a loser, weirdo, no-life, boring, loner, etc. and when a person gets to know a shy person they can actually be quite cool, interesting, helpful, and understanding. Also, usually smarter and cooler than the loud ass guys running around trying to act "cool".
Girl #1: Why don't you ask the shy kid out?
Girl #2: Heck no! He seems like a loser and boring, probably just sits at home.
Girl #1: You kidding? That shy kids into camping, cars, paintball, sports, and likes chillin in the yard or in the car at night under the stars.
Girl #2: Oh really? I could talk to him...
by PackersFTW April 02, 2009
A car manufactured by Honda, often seen as a Sedan, Coupe, or Hatchback. Was first created in 1972 as a coupe or hatchback and really picked up interest when the fifth generation was released in 1992 along with VTEC which attracted many racing enthusiasts. Starting with the fourth generation to the end of the sixth the Civic had the highly popular race inspired Double Wishbone Suspension which attracted even more racing enthusiasts. The Civic is still one of the most popular cars on the road today with a great gas mileage history and current one.

Often misunderstood and mixed up with the term "Ricer". The fact is, Ricer can pertain to any car domestic, exotic, or tuner that have "racing modifications" that in reality do nothing at all. There are mainly four types of Civic:
1.)Daily - Driven from point A to B, the driver takes advantage of the Civic's superior MPG's. Possible minor engine modifications to improve MPG and add performance.
2.)Sleeper - Fast and powerful, usually a Turbo'd D16z6 engine or contains a swapped B series motor, either motor with major internal modifications. Mostly stock exterior except maybe after market rims, and lowered.
3.)Ricer - No performance adding parts. Cheap eBay intakes and loud annoying eBay mufflers for $30. Have racing stickers for parts the don't really have, large spoilers, cut springs, ugly/unfinished paint jobs(usually bright colors so they stick out more). Annoying Subwoofers playing really loud to look "cool".
4.)Track Car - Hollowed out interior, Major engine performance parts and fabrication done. None to minimal stock engine parts. Driven by experienced drivers. Stored in a garage or trailer to never be driven except at the track.
Guy 1: Oh man, look at that Civic Sleeper next to the Ricer.
Guy 2: Must be embarrassing for the Ricer, HA!
Guy 1: Yeah, but remember the Ricer has a Nascar sticker so he must be getting an extra 200 horsepower!!!
Guy 2: *Laughs*
by PackersFTW April 02, 2009
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