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the reason why i failed my exam.
Damnit, I should be studying for my exam. But I still pwned you in counter-strike!
by DH December 19, 2004
an ass clown that doesn't realize he's an ass clown
Look at homey cheese over there bustin' a sag like it was actually ever cool to do that.
by DH March 25, 2004
An econobox car that is meant primarily for older women to go out and get their groceries. However this car is often times seen being sported by younger men with a gay exhaust tip, gay paint job, and oh yes even the gay underglow lights. You will also often times see the hood painted black to try and look "JDM" or like carbon fiber. Unfortunetly 99% of the time when these cars are modded they sound like pissed of weed whackers and nothing more. Though there are some fast Civics they are few and hard to find.
Wow that Honda just passed me.. Oh wait my car isn't on.
by DH June 02, 2004
donkey penis
Wayne was checking out that hooker's squahm
by DH June 18, 2004
A very large penis.
women tend to like men with Kibersnitches
by DH January 19, 2004
one who lacks motivation to do anything fun, bitching out
Hey chubbs, why you VHing it?!?
by DH March 22, 2004
One who acts flippantly in the face of immediate danger.
The car almost ran over the creef playing in the road.
by DH March 30, 2005

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