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A cross between a cat and a deer, first discovered by Angelica Pittman. Located in South America, mostly in Hephzibah, Georgia.
andy- what are you talking about, angel?
angelica- a cire....you know....a cire!
andy- what's that?
angelica- .....you know!
by andy spivey February 09, 2008
Eric Backwards, commonly used online to demonstrate Lordly Skillz for online games such as CS.
Headshot Cire! All 5 kills with the ak, almost all of them with Headshot.
by Cire May 20, 2004
whining like a big fucking baby who need to get over it fast
run away *cires*
by Zazzy22 July 07, 2010
Some whiney biotch who plays cs a lot online. A pretty decent play but complains like no hell whenver he dies.
Cire: "Wtf man haxor, fucking haxor that was a mother fucking freaking headshot, i shoulda freaking pwned u , u random ass lucky freaking haxor"
by CSMaster August 11, 2004