Top Definition
Wrap her tongue around his dick circumference
Lay dick length along centerline of her tongue such that width of her tongue folds up around bottom half his girth. Wildly popular with teens who still have puberty dick circumdick can provide suction on its own.

Circumdick requires talent of the oralness provider when coiled latitudinally instead. Such skill belies high sti potential and jizzidue, residual jizz from prior customer(s).

For safe results be sure your jizz receptacle is exclusively yours with no priors especially if circumdick capable. Using ANY orifice used by other guys is STD risky.
by head gear October 29, 2012
A circumcised penis.
Evan hooked up with a cute girl last night. She was eager to go down when she found out he had a circumdick.
by Rancho Rey April 15, 2010
To dick around.

From the Latin "circum," meaning "around" + "dick," meaning "dick."
Hey lazy, stop circumdicking and get back to work! Bitch.
by Jackiiiiiiiiiii December 18, 2005
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