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A recurring group of 20-something singles, brought together by the consumption of alcohol and the potential for sexual promiscuity or "picking up"; congregating in liquor licensed establishments on differing week nights—in a set rotation—predetermined by drink specials or popularity.

Typically occurring in small to medium size cities where a limited variety of bars or clubs exist, the ‘circuit’, refers to its analogous relationship held to that of sports, where athletes or teams abide by a schedule determining attendance at an event.

Friends of those on the circuit who are “lame, whipped, or gay” usually attend one to zero of the weekly rotation’s scheduled stops. When attending, they leave early for ‘gay’ responsibilities such as, employment requirements in the morning. Circuiters are concerned with hooking up, before any thought of sleep and subsequent AM responsibilities are entertained. Circuit stops cannot be substituted unlike activities on weekend nights.

•What are you doing tonight?: Hittin' the 'circuit'...Wednesday night is Emma's Pub night, obviously”.
•Wanna see a movie tonight?: No — sorry, it’s Joe Dog's on the circuit tonight”.

by PB1234 September 17, 2008
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