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Malay word for female genitals.
"Cipap Alizah berair!"

Alizah's pussy is moist!
by MrSingh May 23, 2004
A word no one who is referancing it will ever understand cause they are too fucking lazy to look up the actual defenition and make every excuse not too.
Duh, I have no idea what this word means so I'll make up my own defention and use it back at the person who does know what it means.
by SonicTMP May 25, 2003
A word used by someone who doesn't understand it, AndrewLB, in referance to taunt the person who does.
AndrewLB: You cipap!
Random Person: Uhh, I'm a person?
AndrewLB: Yeah.....
Random Person: That's the best you could come up with?
AndrewLB: sorry, I'm lame and lazy.
by SonicTMP May 25, 2003
You guy's will actually never know what this means.
Try looking up the definition in a foreign dictonary ya cipap.
by SonicTMP May 16, 2003
Another word for person that people mistake as an insult

Smart kid: You cipap!
Dumb kid: You don't even know what that means!
Smart kid: I do so!
Dumb kid: prove it then, tell me!
Smart kid: I'm not going to tell you!
Dumb kid: tha's cause you don't know what it means moron!
by AndrewLB May 20, 2003
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