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Person, usually a teenager, who engages in sexual (sinful) activities in the movie theatre or "cinema;" therefore he or she is a "cinner" spelled with a 'c'.

Also as a verb, ex: We were cinning the entire movie once we realized we were much more interested in fulfilling our hormone-raged feelings for each other than watching the movie for which we paid $8 to see. I want to cin with you.
16-year-old girl: Brian and I moved to the row of seats in the back of the theatre so we could make out without being in anyone's direct view. I gave Brian head while we were at a movie. We cinned at the movie, then drove around to find a dark corner of a parking lot in which to have some hot car sex.
by CaptainDstruction August 12, 2005
1) Term used to describe the followers of the food blog, Cinfully Simple. Often Hashtagged: #Cinners
2) Term used in describing reviews by Cinfully Simple: "Cinners Guide"
Cinfully Simple has so many Cinners they had to change servers. Are you a Cinner?
Cinfully Simple just released a Cinners Guide review for The Melting Pot.
by CinfulMe September 29, 2015
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