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A cindy is the best person you could ever meet. She will most likely like ugly and worthless guys, but that is becasue she sees their potential. She believes her car has feelings, and says words that were cool in the 90's. Beware of partying with a cindy, make sure you have no intentions of having a good time because cindy's generally get drunk quickly, and tend to get raging attitudes. They are more often then not naive, but they are total closet freaks, stunted by their mothers overbearing needs. She will make odd sounds, but jus remind her that you will not be joining the natives anytime soon and neither will she.She will spend money like a fiend, probably. Oh! if you want a cindy as a friend, walk around with a tidbit in your pocket and one will come running. She is an angel, and dont think of her as anything else. If you have a cindy as a friend, be careful, and smack her if she bites. that cant become a habit.
girl- "wow this car seat is super heavy to carry"
the cindy- "i was standing on the belt!"
girl- *pokes forehead of the cindy* "your such a cindy!"
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
23 48
The biggest bitch on the face of this earth she's very snoody and thinks she better than everyone else . She'll stab you in the back. Very very two faced. Looks like a horse we teeth stick out farther than her nose.
Damn Cindy's a bitch.
by Yoshandatarquesha June 06, 2013
6 43
the word you yell in the game "Cindy." When you see a Vietnamese man with African American hands and feet, one point is given to the person that saw him first. If the man is wearing a dress, that is a bonus point for the person who saw him. The perfect game to play in the car or in a populous city. Consult your physician before playing the game. (Note: if you shout "Cindy" towards the correct target, the man will not answer because his name is most likely not Cindy. Please don't hurt his feelings or anger any man with the appearance listed above.)
Ben: (pointing at a man throught the car window) Cindy! Yay! One point!
Kasey: Actually, Ben, you didn't notice his cocktail dress, so I have one point, too.
Ben: (squirming in his booster seat) Aww man!
by KalkiniSmithypie July 27, 2011
11 71
Adjective- Used for people who are dangerous. Typically one who is armed with a weapon. Although armed a cindy person is typically nice and helpful. Cindy types are often asian.
That cindy girl scares me, lets keep away from her.
by jimmydluffy June 30, 2010
71 133
A dirty slut who is only good in bed. Ugly and could rub her so called beauty off with a make up wipe.Fake boobs, fake hair, fake face. Just fake.
Ergh shes such a cindy.
by ubxxxubxxxubxxx March 25, 2012
9 76
A bee that showed in an episode of "Fairly Odd Parents" for a few seconds to only be eatin' by a bird.
"Hey, a bee! I'm going to name you Cindy!"
*bird eats the bee*
"Nooo!! Cindyyy!"
232 298
Crazy psycho bitch that lives next door and threatens people with screw drivers and typically have mental illnesses and are bisexual.
Fat, popped out eyes, curly short black hair , and shuffles their feet in a creepy manor. Cindys are said to never sleep and are always lurking outside of your house. Usually makes inappropriate comments and are very paranoid.
Jordan- Holy shit did you hear about Cindy yesterday?
Justin- Yeah, she is a Psycho bitch.
by Cindys Neighbour D: June 05, 2011
26 95