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Cum In My Panties. most often used as a verb when excited.
"holy god he was so hot, he touched me and i totally cimped"
by xxdirtybandits October 09, 2005
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Coming In My Pants.
I'm cimping over my steak dinner
by Meynellfriends June 11, 2012
Cum in my Pussy - The fact of ejaculating in a women's vagina
After all the foreplay I cimped.
by sclement September 10, 2007
A person who constantly hits on the same girl expecting to get some but never does so he only tries harder.
Man, that girl's never going to hook up with Josh, I wish he'd stop blackberry cimping.
by Da_Man2134324 January 12, 2011
cimp, stands for Cox in my pussy.
I'm so horny, I could really like some cimp right now.
by muckamancer November 26, 2010
a male dog
son of a cimp
by u a cimp December 25, 2003

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