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cigaweed - joint / a rolled marijuana cigarette
Pass me the cigaweed, lets have toke homie
by disturbed May 06, 2004
29 39
Another name for a blunt, joint, or roll of marijuana. This name can be used as a rebuttal when someone lies about smoking a joint and calls it a cigarette.
Ghetto guy: it ain't nothin but mah cigarette....
Black cop: MAN, this is a CIGAWEED!
by Proud Native November 18, 2004
40 55
The rolled up blunt made from Swisha cigar paper. It's tha fatest fatty anyone has eva seen. Blaze it up yo.
You: "Yo man all i got is this dried up crusty baggy of green. I'm fucked."
Me: "I got you man. I'm rollin' some cigaweed!"
by Ima F. N. Drunkass January 10, 2007
8 28
joint, maryjane, canibus cig
yo man, pass that cigaweed.
by josh April 10, 2003
5 31
when an officer busts an idiot for lying to him
popo:whats this
hobo:ain't nothing but a cigarette
popo:bullshit this cigaweed
by Sean Dawg September 17, 2003
10 42
The clippings from a marijuana plant. Unlike the buds of a plant. Smoking produces a much less desirable effect.
Damn, I wish I had some schwag at least, but all I have is this fucking cigaweed.
by joseph a beezer December 08, 2003
2 51