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(n.) - television graphics that occupy the lower area of a TV screen, originally coined by the Chyron Corporation which develops and manufactures on-screen graphics; now a commonly-used term for such graphics on TV broadcasts worldwide
"I hate it when the chyron is spelled wrong or contains a grammatical mistake. I often see such chyron mistakes on CNN. Sometimes I think the guys who run the TV control rooms can't spell!"
by PRwiz101 April 04, 2010
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Chyron (pr. sheer-on) a colloquialism that is often used to refer to a sensual, beautiful woman. Particularly by men in reference to a woman they wish to have sexual relations with.
Dude, that chicks a real Chyron. ~ or ~ I wanna get it on with that Chyron.
by ktrelic February 08, 2010
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