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Golf term where someone uses their putter out of green side rough to get the ball in the hole.
On the par 3 7th hole I missed the green to the right. I had 12 feet left from the rough. Instead of using my wedge to chip it in, I used my putter and ended up chutting in for birdie.
by DevRickus September 05, 2012
9 1
a verb some one uses that actually has no meaning, but sounds sexually perverse. often used by random people.

chutting is a definition-less word, in case you don't get it.

can also be used as chut.

this has nothing to do with a chud
Clayton: haha its almost like chutting.

Riccardo(pretending to know): I know. Hey brea wanna chut with me???

Everyone else: WTF?
by 1stfloorSB December 30, 2006
13 6