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The act of frenetically penetrating an already filled orifice until the semen within starts to resemble churned butter. Popular within the gay bareback scene.
After already receiving a thick load from one guy, the next guy started churning the butter with his juiced up cock.
by Dirty-Boy July 27, 2007
Verb- The act of sexually gratifying one's self by stimulating the sexual organs; often found to be more gratifying after drinking a "smashed" peppermint mocha or meeting a respected band
After being asked what turns her on, Susy responded, "RDJ! Robert Downey Jr. has me "churning the butter" all day, every day!! RDJ's my baby!!"
by RedRiott November 22, 2010
to masterbate in a sense by rotating your dick counter clockwise in the manner somone would when curning butter, while at the same time singing, "churrrnin the butter"
later guys im gonna go churn the butter
by george March 25, 2004