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To take longer than needed to complete a task or arrive at a destination.Often caused by people farting about doing nothing in particular.

Although the word might have been created by a ferryhiller with reference to the original king of churf - "churfy" Murphy, the word is now more often than not directed at the residents of Ferryhill in Aberdeen.Now often reffered to as the Ferryhill Churff Squad.
"Fuck sake min, we have been waiting for ages.The boy is having a right churf!"
by Seymore Bellchunk February 26, 2007
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Churf- the act in which you get high from smoking weed
Hey man hop in my truck were about to have a churf session, you dont want to miss out on theese fire nugs.
by Mateo Million November 01, 2010
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A Churf is when 1 has a Chode (a penis that is wider than longer) and a very small Girth ( the circumfrence of 1's penis)
Ha ha ha ha ha! James Dunford, Simon Grismon and Robert Coomber all have churf's!!!!!
by j + j November 26, 2004
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