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Fat penis being rammed into a tight ass.
See John gave Samantha the ol' 'Chunky Monkey?'
by dartron January 10, 2013
noun: the object of a chubby chaser's affection. Never refer to another person as a "chunky monkey" unless-
A. you know the person very well, so much so that said person would not be offended by being called one, or-
B. you can run very fast and will never see the person again.
A. come on over later, my little chunky monkey!
B. baby, you are a chunky monkey. leave some food for the rest of the world!
by earpuller September 22, 2005
A magically delicious Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor.
Let's go down to the 7-11 for a pint of Chunky Monkey.
by Jimbo Jones August 22, 2003
a more polite desription of someone who is rather obese
will is a bit of a chunky monkey
by AlexMcGhee April 20, 2007
the act of defecating and ejaculating simultaneously
"my girlfriend totally let me chunky monkey on her last night"


"I think I may have chunky monkeyed my pants"
by the chunky monkey March 26, 2012
A female with a fat pussy. Chunky as in chubby or thick. Monkey as in pussy. Not to be confused with a FUPA, which is a fat upper pussy area.
Nema: Ayo cuz did you smash last night?

Weez: Hell yeah nucca that broad had a Chunky Monkey!
by Weezdom November 04, 2008
When you walk into the bathroom after a dorm mate pulls a massive crap when air spray is in the vicinity.

/Name of an infamous ice cream
Aww fuck you man, I was gonna take a shit after I peed but you had to make a Chunky Monkey..

/ Hipster: Theres this delicious ice cream flavor called "Chunky Monkey."....
by FromEmbryoToGangster June 15, 2013