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A skinny nigga and fat bitch dat try to have sex on a bed but the fat bitch ended up breakin it by bouncing up and down.
Girl: uh, I like dis daddy imma give you some chunky love tonight. Boy: get yo fat ass of me before you break my dick .
by coco naenae July 26, 2014
(v) to vomit as a response to seeing someone else vomit.
(n) the product of (v).
boyfriend: "Hey, look at James spew!"
girlfriend: "Ew! I've gotta chunky love..."
by HoverBunny August 24, 2008
(v) To vomit in response to seeing someone else vomit.
There was a whole lot of chunky love going on when I threw up after the roller coaster ride.
by HoverBunny September 11, 2008