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When fat people go skinny dipping!
Last night Chris, Amber, and Amy went chunky dunking in Uncle Chewy's hot tub but got kicked out when Uncle Chewy brought back a couple prospects to go Chumura on.
by Sac April 11, 2005
Skinny dipping for the corpulent. Fat-assed exhibitionism.
That BBW wanted to go chunky dunking in the hot tub with me. I told her I would, but that I was afraid we'd have to take turns!
by Russell Clark May 18, 2006
Skinny people skinny dip, Fat people chunky dunk.
The fat mexican was chunky dunking
by J. Sabin/ J. Bernier April 04, 2008
when you go skinny dipping with fat girls
rick got drunk and went chunkydunking with that 400 pound chick
by mr rick March 12, 2010