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Someone who gets chung, though usually to describe someone who gets chung a lot.
Person 1: I've smoked a tens a day for the last 2 weeks
Person 2: Damn, you fucking chunghead
by Chris asdf October 15, 2007
3 1
Someone who worries about there hair a lot, especially worrying about it going curly in the rain
Naomi: Why have you got your umbrella up? its barely raining!
Ricky: Because she's a Chunghead that's why!
by rain is fun October 08, 2010
1 1
1. An individual who is chung
2. A person under the influence of pot
3. Alluding to or having the appearance of a stoner
"Come here, you chunghead"
by angertrain July 18, 2008
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