cocaine/ derived from the newscasters name connie chung.
mama needs some chung girl!
by tug February 20, 2004
my next door neighbour
wtf is chung doing in the house next to me?!!?!? o wait he is my neighbour!
by justin October 12, 2003
dat is a nice bitta chung
by kingston bad mans April 30, 2003
Chung is in reference to the thigh/butt area of a person. It can also be used as a verb. To be "chunging" is to be sort of jogging or prancing so that the thigh/butt area jiggles a lot.
Kiss my chungs.
Who's that chunging towards us?
by Gina February 24, 2005
v. 1. To throw, toss, or chuck.

2. May mean to puke (rarely).

Definition may vary with usage.

A versatile word with endless possibilities.

past tense: chunged, NOT chang.
1. (Throwing) When Ross found out that Nancy was interested in beastiality, he got so excited that he chunged her right off the bed.

2. (Vomiting) Dude, you were so wasted off of that blackberry brandy that you chunged all over the midget you were making out with!
by mack attack May 21, 2005
V. to commit petty credit card fraud, usually while on the job
man i know that order was $11.14..
how the hell could that add up to 20 dollars?
by #1's Lover July 03, 2004
bastard dat iz jealous of edison's gd lookz lmao..
by Elsa September 27, 2003
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