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Chund is similar to the verb, to vomit. However it can also be given as a nickname to a person who occasionally uncontrollably vomits often after a night out. Variations on the nickname can also be Chundy, Chundmeister, and Chunderboy (sung to the tune of wonderboy). Also can be given to the type of person likely to have a rather embarrassing story from a night in Faliraki.
Bobbo:'oh my god, owen just chundered everywhere!'
Josh: 'Not again, he just loves to chund'
by Redge January 05, 2006
chund - possible surname, but more often it's an insult. Used to empower or to belittle someone. It's all in the delivery.
"ah, you chund, TROGDOR rules"
"hot damn that gary chund is a fine football player"
by Gary Chund April 28, 2003