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An almost-synonym for broner. The difference between a chumby and a full-on broner is the degree of erection. See chubby and boner for more detail. If definition is still not understood, see pun.
I was playing pong with my buddies the other day when I felt a chumby coming on.
by kort the tree frog October 25, 2009
1. The stage between being chubby and being fat.
2. Also a softer way of saying someones fat.
"..Getting a bit chumby under the arms there, aren't ya Becky?"
by EKa October 02, 2006
A substitute for literally any word in the English language. Especially helpful when describing illegal substances, ragers, or someone within earshot.
Maerri: "Hey chumbies, check this out - when you sing in the chumby, your acoustics reverberate throughout the chumby and it's keeping me awake which makes me feel real chumby. Would you mind keeping it chumby?"
Culver: "Whoah, put your chumby on a leash."
by oo-woo-ou-hoo May 03, 2008