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Chick with a mullett.
Send me my expense check chullett!
by fu pay me October 05, 2011
A combination of the words child and mullet= Chullet
That boy has the sickest chullet i want to chop it off.
by Jackie November 15, 2004
A chinese person with a mullet hair style.
I went to China town and every other women was sporting a chullet.
by mulletbike March 12, 2009
A chin mullet. More than just a trendy, well-groomed beard. This isn't just a lip-ferret/ soup-catcher combo. This is a full-on mullet. Right on your face.
Any member of ZZ Top and many actual bikers (not the weekend warriors with day-jobs) sport this well-cultivated but untamed facial shrubbery - the chullet.
by cunomor April 15, 2010
a mullet on your chest
dude your chullet rocks!!

thats a heaps big chullet!!
by Mrscomputer June 15, 2006
combination of a chilli bowl and a mullet.
that guy has one muffed up chullet.
by beeeelove August 14, 2007

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