A generally obese twat with a face like a badly bashed 1983 Mercedes. Often is the bane of most schoolyard jokes and rightly so for they are often those kind of fat bollock brains who think they're amusing-fat whereas they're just obese-fat. Originates from the north-west.
Not Chull #1: I see your mother was on Time Team last night.

Not Chull #2: Hod on a sec, deeks this rotund twat.

Not Chull #1: Haha check out the flab, the proper chull.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
Top Definition
Used when something is chill(to your liking), but you are sick of hearing everyone us the word chill so this word becomes a modern replacement.
That was a chull b-shack.
by Dyne Lybs March 21, 2005
1. (Verb) To hang out with one's friends, presumably with the intention of smoking marijuana

2. (Adjective) Calm and easygoing, presumably thanks to the influence of marijuana
1. As soon as my parents leave we can chull at my house

2. Yo guys, I'm feeling pretty chull right about now. Anybody want some Pizza Bagel Bites?
by Au Win July 27, 2010

To bite when unnecessary.
Everything was going great until she started CHULLING so I took her home early.
by Val Waterman February 07, 2008
Chull is the term used for a person who is of chinese origin and has a mullet.
chinky + mullet = chull
"Lauren is such a chull"
"oi chull come here you big chinky with a mullet!"
by The original chull March 01, 2008
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