the dankiest fucking thing on the 99 cent menu at Wendys, especially when completely wasted and with the drunken muchies. also known as 'chicken nuggets'.
Your friend hands out everyone's order as you roll away from the drive thru. You dig in on the chicken nuggets that you ordered and remark, "damn these chuggets are danky!"
by Allizona April 18, 2006
Top Definition
Originally a shortened word for Chicken-Nugget.

Has also come to mean:-

Derogatory term for unruly children, usually because their bad parents feed them nothing but chicken nuggets.
'I can't believe I paid the caterers for the party food and all they did was chuggets & chips.'

'I caught some cheeky little chugget stealing'
by mikester September 03, 2012
Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets
Person A: Do you want some chicken nuggets?
Person B: No thanks, I'm a vegetarian.
Person A: Thats OK, I've got some chuggets.
by Two Time Grime February 26, 2011
Chicken Nuggets.
Formed when very drunk in a chipper and chicken nuggets was too much of a mouthful.
Give me..*slur* CHUGGETS!!
by barry e July 24, 2005
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