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A very versatile word that can be used many ways. Commonly used to demean someone else.
"Look at this Chuft?!" (Picture any guido douchebag as the target)

"That guy if such a chufty chode man, I want to punch him in the face for being such a fucking chuft!!"

"Check out all of these chufty snowboarder chufts... Someone should teach them how to ski!"
by Weezy so Steezy October 26, 2011
9 10

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extremely happy (slang) (=chuffed)
Bob: i just won the lotto
Bill: chuft?!
Bob: well duh yeah!
by Pauly April 04, 2004
51 28
Some nasty ass creamcheese mayonase shit that comes out someones ass when they are pissed off.
izzie: "FML!!!!"
Merc: "Is it chufting season?"
by MCCRISTOLE April 21, 2010
14 21