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extremely happy (slang) (=chuffed)
Bob: i just won the lotto
Bill: chuft?!
Bob: well duh yeah!
by Pauly April 04, 2004
A very versatile word that can be used many ways. Commonly used to demean someone else.
"Look at this Chuft?!" (Picture any guido douchebag as the target)

"That guy if such a chufty chode man, I want to punch him in the face for being such a fucking chuft!!"

"Check out all of these chufty snowboarder chufts... Someone should teach them how to ski!"
by Weezy so Steezy October 26, 2011
Some nasty ass creamcheese mayonase shit that comes out someones ass when they are pissed off.
izzie: "FML!!!!"
Merc: "Is it chufting season?"
by MCCRISTOLE April 21, 2010
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