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A lazy tool that does such things as (but not limited to); typing their words in capitals (because they can't be bothered to turn the capital lock key off), goes home because they can't be bothered to do anything, sends other people to the bar (because they're too lazy to go and get their own drink).
That prick is asking me to go to the bar for him again! He's such a Chuffty!
by Boigny Lover April 03, 2011
Someone who is chuffed with themselves for whatever reason(usually without sufficient cause and merely because they tend to be very self-absorbed and generally in love with themselves) and wants others to know about it. This saying was created by someone from Wheatley in Oxford in around 2000, it's usage spread by a group of his friends.
A bloke in the pub says to you, "I scored a hat-trick on Sunday!"
You say, "Oh yeah, where was that?"
He says, "Down the rec - they had some nets up"
You say, "Fuck off, chuffty, not exactly Old Trafford in front of 65000 then, was it? Don't be a gaylord, mine's a Stella, ta."
The guy then sheepishly buys you a pint as some sort of compensation for his remark, which, due to your excellent put-down, he has realised was out of turn. Hopefully one day he will stop being such a cock.
by Carl76 August 22, 2006

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