To vomit, in an especially with a projectile manner.
Rob began to heave, and then chuffed all the beer he had just downed.
by anonymous July 28, 2003
Nickname given to the Grumman TBF Avenger, an American Carrier based Torpedo Bomber of WWII.
by JonathanChance September 30, 2003
To puke.
To vomit.
Oh no watch out, Kathleen is gonna chuff up her cookies!
by thecatsmeow93 July 05, 2011
It's when a person is a combination of both chubby and buff. Like if a man has man boobs but he is totally ripped at the same time. That is what is called chuff.
Byrce: dude look at that guy down at the track. hes buff and chubby.

Trey: hmm, lets call him chuff man.
by Zooyut December 28, 2010
Used to define a volume or size of spum load emitted from a guys penis.
While watching the morning weather forecast, one could exclaim to their Blatz induced friends, "I'd definately throw a chuff of spum on that sassy Stephanie Abrams"
by Liquiddinner December 10, 2010
Steady tokes on a spliff.

v. to chuff(ing) pl. Chuffs
"I was totally chilled. Sat there chuffing on a spliff, listening to The Wall"
by Marko the Great August 03, 2005
the thick black smoke that is puked from a hopped up diesels exhaust.
holy shit look at that thing chuffing
by Nine Milla May 28, 2005
An onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes as it covers its waste with cat litter. Futile because it still smells like shit.

Used in social situations as trying to cover something up roughly (and usually failing).

Inspired by <a href="">Sockington the cat</a>
1. John totally has a boner, but he chuffs it by slouching.
2. Mary just punched James in the cock, but she chuffed it by saying she was just making wild hand gestures.
by Sockington's lackey March 16, 2009
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