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Spanish for crooked/bent
mira a ese puto, camina muy chueco!
by ayeekarumba August 06, 2006
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Spanish: literally means "crooked", with connotations of half assed or screwed up in chicano slang.
Person 1: How does my tie look?
Person 2: It's all chueco, let me fix it.
by jgrocho August 31, 2008
Spanish for "bent," often used for the slang meaning "abnormally stupid" or "mentally challenged."
Alejoto got another girl pregnant again. What a chueco.
by Marcos Jugo November 13, 2006
Spanish slang for retard/stupid
Carlos Mencia = I would have done the "de de de" joke, but the crowd was full of chuecos!
by Sangz November 05, 2006

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