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A term for a pretty or attractive girl at the bar; she's doable and a guy would like to chuck it in her. Not to be confused with the type of scally girl that a guy would bring home from the bar and give the old one eyed pirate to.
A term often used by very drunk men, thinking that girls won't be able to break their cunning code.
Also, meaning that Chuck Norris would kill you and anyone else to sleep with the girl. Because that's what Chuck does.
Hey this girl is so chuckable! (As guy leans across in front of said girl to yell to his buddy.)
by JimmyTime February 09, 2006
a girl who is both cubby and fuckable
hey dude what do you think of adele? eh shees chuckable
by dragongolfer94 November 18, 2012
when your laughing in the hood, you are chuckable
man, shoot that boy is chuckable.
by holler at a white girl March 03, 2003
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