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the term scally comes from the word scally-wag it is used to describe the low life scum in the area of liverpool.
Scally girls are usually an unnatural shade of orange or luminous brown due to eccessive bashing of sunbeds and fake tan and bronzer, will not be seen without the cheap 5 pound "ugg boots" from storm and usually have such a thick scouse accent you wont understand what they are saying.
They always hang around in groups one of them pushing a second hand buggy.
to spot a scally girl ull find them at the back of the bus playing music loudly from their mobile phones and talking loudly and/or upsetting passengers on the bus

they have no personality or identity
wow its an oompa loompa
no its a tango spokesperson
no its just a scally girl!
by MFZB November 02, 2007

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