A homosexual faggot whom enjoys the physical pleasures of the wild platypus!
Chuck Norris stop fuckin' that platypus!
by Max February 25, 2005
Some old dude. He sucks. aka Chuck Whoris.
I kicked Chuck Norris down the stairs and he broke a hip. Then, I beat him with his cane.
#chuck whoris #stupid #old #hairy #annoying #dead
by Alyssa yo February 13, 2006
A dude whose jokes are really starting to get old.
Jon: Wanna hear a Chuck Norris joke?
Me: Wanna suck my dick?
#chuck #norris #is #getting #lame #old
by The_Shagster June 24, 2011
A less than hardcore actor who once starred in such shitty films as Sidekicks, Invasion USA and Missing in Action. He is most know for his ridiculous display of round house kicks and poor dialogue on the show Walker Texas Ranger.
A washed up actor who got his second wind based upon a very large list of (at one time) humorous jokes and facts(If you will) about him, that after being repeated from here to Nantucket far too many times, became old and played out and down right NOT FUNNY ANYMORE
Chuck Norris' tears cur-- oh wait, you've heard this one before? Yeah me too about a million times...
#chuck #round house kick #played out #random #old news
by Pamanda February 25, 2006
A man that is liked too much in the teenage society.
Guy 1: Hey dude, have you seen Walker Texas Ranger?
Guy 2: No, but Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean.
Guy 1: What does that have to do with seeing the movie?
Guy 2: Chuck Norris doesn't have to make sense.
Guy 1: ::Grabs knife and kills Guy 2::
#chuck #norris #god #roundhouse kick #walker texas ranger
by S-Park March 14, 2006
An overused joke.
Person 2: Please shut up, no one cares about Chuck Norris.
#chuck norris #chuck #norris #overused #joke #meme #idiotic #stupid #bad #redneck #cowboy
by Marzia May 03, 2013
A man about whom jokes were funny for a brief period. The jokes lost any part of hilarity once they spread through the public, with a select few jokes being repeated in strings every five minutes. They are no longer funny, and should be met with blank stares.
Dude 1: "Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer! Too bad he's never cried! Hahaha!"
Dude 2: *stares blankly*
Dude 3: Like I haven't heard that one before...
Dude 2: Chuck Norris jokes were over a month ago, dumbshit.
#chuck #norris #chuck norris #lame #joke #lame joke
by Popsman March 05, 2006
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