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noun. A pair of chubby jubblies. Obese breasts.
Cor look at those!! I bet she couldn't run 100 metres. With chubblies like that she'd knock herself out!
by DJ Skate January 13, 2004
(adj) Cute, cuddly, and slightly chubby.

(v) Chubble - To grab one's cute, chubby cheeks
"I love my chubbly slave boy!"
"I love chubbling my slave boy's face!"
by Masterface September 26, 2009
descriptive adjective for a lively but overweight individual.
wow- look at that jiggly chubbly bubbly wiggle!
by alcopops October 03, 2010
A person who is both chubby (a little overweight) and lovely.

These people are usually secretly adored because they're so delightfully huggable but not someone you'd show off to your friends.
"D'awk! You're sooooo chubbly! C'mere and I'll give you a squeeze!"
by matterz April 08, 2008
A little chubby. Chubbly isn't an insult or a bad thing, merely descriptive.
She's kind of chubbly, but still good looking.
by Spadefish August 06, 2008
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