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a screaming and yelling character in starwars that is covered in fur and does absolutely nothing
Often refered as Chewy
Chubakka, the harry ass fagget, ran into battle with yoda on his shoulder.
by ABI April 10, 2006
a person who is a chub, doesn't maintain their eyebrows, and can be related to chubakka from star wars. other names can be either a 'yeti' or 'aboniminable snowman'.
betty: ew, look at how gross their eyebrows are.
lily: she's sucha chubakka.
by ilovesummer May 21, 2009
This is when you jizz or cum on a girl (or guy's) face, then cut off his/her/your pubic hairs and sprinkle them on their face so it sticks to the cum and makes them look like they have a hairy face like Chubakka. Then, you kick them as hard as you can so they emit a grunting sound that resembles that of Chubakka's
I Chubakkad that bitch. She didn't even know what was going on cuz I did it so fast. Her grunt is very unattractive though.
by zylon22 January 17, 2009

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