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Term commonly used in the Maritime provinces of Canada to describe the male genitals in a state of semi-arousal. Generally occurs as a pre-cursor to a full-out hard on, or after ejaculation, when you're hanging long and lazy.
guy 1: Dude, that shootergirl's fuckin hot!

guy 2: Yeah man, I've already got a chub on... if she comes any closer I'm gonna get a hard on

guy 1: Already there man.
by Pervertical_line_test October 29, 2008
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noun. Any substance used to facilitate an erection (e.g., Viagra).
Shit, it's my wife's birthday. Hope I still got some Chub-on in the medicine cabinet.
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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A semi-errect penis, as in the several phases of penile arousal. Eg. 1) Flacid 2) Fluffed 3) Chub on 4) Errect 5) Throbbing 6) Ejaculating
Many healthy males get an errection every time they ride the bus or train. As the destination quickly approaches, it is normal for a male with an errection to experience sensations of fear and/or panic in foresight of being observed by others. This can cause the release of epinephrine into nervous system which can thicken the blood and cause an errect penis' blood flow to diminish, leaving him with a chub on. In some cases, a release of epinephrine can stimulate or excite a male further, causing the penis to become "harder". In this case, a male may voluntarily skip their destination to allow the swelling to reduce, or they may tuck in their errect penis' into their pants' waste line to avoid other passengers suspicions'.
by edraculate August 17, 2016
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