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A chronoid is an unidentifiable object. It should be mentioned in conversation with roundabout and vague definitions of its nature, in order to confound and pique the interest of a friend.They will never understand what a chronoid is. This is the point.
A:" I saw a chronoid on the way to school."

B:"What's a chronoid?"

A:"A chronoid is a (unidentifiable sound)"


A:"A chronoid is the opposite of a chesticle."

B:"What's a chesticle?"

A:"A chronoid is an inverted chesticle. Look, chronoids are what you cough up after a really bad case of #&')!" Do you see that thing that's hanging off the side of the building, the thing that looks like a mushroom? That yellow thing?"

B:" No."

A:"That's a chronoid."

B: "I don't get it. What IS a chronoid?!"

by booch dog July 11, 2008
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