When you have been smoking buds for a while and then stop, you become hungry but when you try to eat without previously smoking it makes you feel sick.
Dude, do you want this BLT? i was hungry but i think i got chronchitis...lets go blaze first
by scottree September 25, 2009
Top Definition
Chronchitis is bronchitis you get after smoking marijuana nonstop for a long ass time, like when youre stoned all week then you got chronchitis. Symptoms include excessive nasty sounding coughs, and haziness. Cure: lay off the bud for a few days.
God damn dude we shouldn't half smoked that whole lid at once, I think i got chronchitis.
by ffhk1 May 29, 2004
An album by Slightly Stoopid.
Did you hear that song "Nobody Knows" on Slightly Stoopid's album Chronchitis?
by ButterflyFreek March 20, 2008
The "disease" that habitual marijuana users have. Symptoms include AM coughing spasms, lung butter, and wheezing during sex
"Joey, your cough sounds awful, did you get the cold going around." "No, I'm fine its just my chronchitis."
by Droanz January 03, 2010
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