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A chromosexual is a person who rides a motorcycle and tries to put every piece of chrome available on their bike. Also a person who will spend thousands of dollars on chrome parts for their bike, and little or nothing on maintenance. It is better to look good, than to run good.
Person 1: "That boy is such a chromosexual. I am suprised that he hasn't had his seat chromed yet."

Person 2: "I know, $20,000 worth of chrome, and it still won't start......"
by Dave_d January 19, 2007
49 13
A user who has dumped their previous browser in favour of Google Chrome, just because it's cool.
Person 1: "Firefox has served me well for so many years, but since anything Google does is just so fucking cool, I'm now using Chrome. *pause* Do you know how to find my bookmarks or menu bar?"

Person 2: "Chromosexual"
by stowball January 10, 2011
18 10
Someone who get sexual satisfaction when declaring to the world that they use Google Chrome instead of Firefox or IE.
Dude Steve just about jizzes his pants every time he tells someone he downloaded Chrome for his laptop." "Yeah he's quite the Chromosexual
by johnnycakes32104 April 29, 2011
5 2