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One of the best musicians today. If you haven't heard of him, you don't know what music is. And anyone who says he sucks is an MTV-brainwashed faggot.
I just got 2 of Fatboy Slim's CDs on discount, and that was the best $15 I ever spent. Pure musical bliss. :^D
by rap hater September 16, 2003
The greatest DJ of the 90s.
Right about now, funk so brother...
by Biafra J August 30, 2004
greatest of all times. played for 260.000 people at Brighton Beach.
fatboy slim says: I'm wicked and lazy. Don't you wanna save me?
by minimellysa August 02, 2009
a nickname a girl would give to her boyfriend's penis, when it is extremely large.

Not to be confused with Princess Sophia.
Girl:"Does fatboyslim want to come out and play?"
Boy:"He's already been playing in my pants."
by quinkysecksfurmuney April 28, 2007
A fat person that belives he is skinny.
"Yo, Clarence always making fun of fat people, when that bitch like 300 lb's!"
by Matthew Potter December 03, 2004