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a cute, strange, nice, kind and charming boy
christophe is so nice to me.
by tiffanynguyen May 08, 2008
211 96
Really kind guy. Always funny and respects everyone. Always has the best friends! Awesome guy. Always happy !
Christophe is the coolest person ever
by Bazinga2013 January 14, 2013
21 6
A strange European male who may or may not speak French. Usually unemployed, balding, and plays a sport called soccer that only people outside America care about. Likely has nails and toenails that can be used to climb trees.
" 'ello. Would you like to go to ze W hotel avec moi?"

"Like, OMG...WhatEVER! I don't do Christophes!"
by maamsir February 02, 2010
57 104