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Christ on a crutch: A term of disbelief or shock. Normally used dismissively.
"Christ on a crutch! Are you that stupid?"
#damn! #oh well. #christ on the cross. #christ on a pogo stick. #khrist on a crutch.
by SherryM November 06, 2007
An expletive usually expressing disbelief or exasperation. It is the opposite to that of a Christian person saying ‘Christ on the cross.’ Somewhat akin to saying ‘Shit on a stick.’
“Christ on a fucking crutch, will you shut up and give me a break?!”

With a sigh and a shake of the head: “Christ on a crutch, I can’t believe how stupid this is.”
#expletive #shit on a stick #christ on the cross #christian #disbelief #exasperation
by logic000 July 04, 2012
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