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to assault your girlfriend/wife
girl 1 : oh my god girl, what happened to you, your all beat up
girl 2 : i dont know, we went to a party last night, and everything was going good, till we got home. thats when he chris brown'd me
girl 1 : that bastard

by Thantos February 10, 2009

Being hit by someone that's usually very nice/innocent/doesn't seem like they'd hit you.

Alternatively, you can Chris Brown a person if you are the nice/innocent/doesn't seem like they'd hit someone type of person.

Past- Chris Brown'd
Present- Chris Browning
Future- will/going to Chris Brown
Girl: I got Chris Brown'd last night by my boyfriend! I didn't think he had it in him.


Boy: I don't know what got over me last night, but I totally Chris Brown'd my girl.
by Miraxe February 16, 2009
Verb: An action describing when a steroid filled male displays cowardice and maliciously beats on his hot girlfriend in a fit of rage. (allegedly)
"hey, that dude just Chris Brown'd that chick!"
by Bobaloo222 February 19, 2009
Beating the shit out of someone ,while singing and dancing, who is either a woman who doesn't expect it or who deserves it. this person can also be beating the shit out of a man who is known across the community as a bitch.
Eh you know my nigga c.j He went and chris brownd his girl last week.
by steveakrre February 21, 2009
Physically assaulting or abusing a wife or girlfriend
Yo, I still can't believe Tom "Chris Brown'd" Stacy, she has cuts and bruises all over her face now.
by Walter2Shrooms2Acid February 23, 2009
To smack your significant other for a good reason in public. Following this she will forgive you for smacking her and take you back because she knows she was wrong
"Yo i been wit her for months , she tried to play me chillin wit this other dude i chris brown'd the girl and we've been better ever since."
by izzle5687 March 20, 2009
the act of beating the hell out of someone then fleeing the scene, later possibly turning yourself in to the local police department.
ray ray chris brown'd tyneequa, because she burned him.
by mCbillions February 26, 2009
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