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Chris is an amazing guy. Someone who is honest and great. Will always treat you right and never do anything to hurt you. Girls like him easily because of how nice and cute he is. He likes girls easily but only loves one girl and will never cheat. Has an amazing smile and best personality. Love God and his family too. The best boyfriend someone could ever wish for.
Man who is that cute sweet go at church?
oh its just Chris like the most amazing guy ever.
by CRNJC820 August 31, 2010
130 47
He soft where it counts and tough when it counts. He has the most beautiful eyes, and whose appearance is stunning and presence is undeniable. He is adorable, and witty as hell, the smartest, most talented and bright man out there. He isnt afraid to show how big his heart is to the people he loves, and sure as hell isnt scared to hurt or piss off anyone who threatens those people. His arms make perfect crevaces to cuddle into when he holds me, and he always remembers and puts his family and friends first. Chris is a friend to everyone and foe only to those who envy how incredible a person he is.
How can that guy with the mullet have so many friends?
Thats not a guy, thats Chris Rieman.
by satchelqueen December 13, 2010
109 44
A asshole who can be completely amazing and a prick at the same time and you still can
t stop loving him.
OMG!!! Chris is such a prick!!!!!!!
Then dump him??
I can't I love him 2 much
by Cookiemee January 25, 2009
238 175
the guy with most definitions on UD. So far 734 and climbing he must not have much to do.
wow that chris guy must have a ton of extra time.
by superninjapenguin February 28, 2007
209 146
From the greek word 'christof'
Meaning awesome, kick ass, totally dominating and a sex GOD!
Often used in reference to someone from school you'll always remember.
Guy- 'do you still remember Chris?'

Chick- 'Was he that awesome, kick ass, totally dominating sex GOD? Yeah I think i do, what a CHRIS'
by Chris Mulcaster April 16, 2008
370 308
The only guy in the world i have ever felt this way about. It's true love and he is amazing. He is the sweetest guy i have ever met and i couldnt ask for a better guy in my life. He is adorable and has the most amazing curly hair. Anyone that would ever pass up a guy like this is insanely crazy. He makes me laugh more than anyone else in the entire world and i can spend hours just talking to him and never running out of things to say. He is beautiful on the inside and out and if you ever have a Chris losing it would be the worst possible thing to ever happen to anyone. He has this power to make any girl that he gives time to feel like you really mean something to someone and its the best feeling ever imagined. I love you Chris <3
See the guy over there, he is amazing and mine.....Thats my Chris get your own bitches...!!!
by StimpylovesRen March 03, 2011
78 23
Chris is a best friend and a guy that is absolutely handsome, sweet, sexy and awesome. The one thing that makes you happiest in life. If you don't have one or know one, you are missing out.
Oh, he is totally a Chris!
by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 08, 2010
95 40